Basic Ecommerce on White

They’re simple, beautiful, and minimalist. They are exactly what you need to get a good start on Amazon. You get 7 images on a white backdrop with or without reflection.

A good image on white is really underrated these days. Now that you can get any supplement bottle or skin cream rendered in 3D to look glossy and flawless, why would you want to mess around with real world photography? Well, in most cases rendered images are more difficult to deal with in photoshop. You’ve probably seen listings on Amazon with a beautiful rendered image dropped onto a real picnic table. The entire image looks fake because it is.

I can do so much more with real photography. It blends so much better into stock photography and the lighting is real, unlike a rendered image that has the same brightness all over. If I could encourage every ecommerce company to take real photography I would.

Need to create for a bunch of listings?